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This project...originally I want to test how the ragdoll maxscript can do, so I test some simple scenes, then I found this is very fun to play with ragdoll. I add more scenes, some scenes is come of movies scenes: Black Hawk Down, Schindler's List, Face-Off...etc.

Ragdoll Maxscript is a free script and very useful. In this tutorial you will learn some interesting faking human motions with ragdoll. And this is my first video tutorial in English, so bare with me. If you found hard to understand my words, plz just watch the screen (video), I think this will help a lot. ^_^
(Note the ragdoll maxscript link, you have to login CGTALK forum to download the new version of the script)
Before you get start, I strongly sugguest you read my previous tutorial, with more detail and basic about the ragdoll script.
VIDEO TUTORIAL (total 1h 22min, split into 6 videos)
Again, this tut is not for beginner. I will only explain the essential concept of each scenes. Plz first read my previous post " Dragonball-like effect " to lean the basic tech of ragdoll script.
(In this 25 numbers of scenes, I used 4 motion capture files: run, walk, jump, kick. if you don't have any motion capture files/bip format, you have to create your own first)
Brife description about the video tutorial:
basic: very simple. create a biped and a plan, select any bone of the biped and run the ragdoll maxscript (new version). Set the mass of biped bone (ie: 1 unit for each). play around with mass, gravity and friction, and you will get different results (GIF click HERE)
chained 01 : use the point-to-point constraint to fix the hands on air. create a wind object to fake that biped is kicking his legs. (GIF click HERE)
chained 02: create 4 point-to-point constraint to fix the biped. play around with wind speed value(GIF click HERE)

arrows: create the motion of arrows and biped separately. create a long box for the arrow object. link the arrow to a dummy object, this way will make it rotate and aim on the biped easily. For the motion of biped ,there are 3 options: (1)extend the original motion capture file by key framing (2)create another box to hit the biped (3)using the momentum(key-frame) within the ruining motion capture file (GIF click HERE)

explosion: very simple. use the body vertical, body horizontal tool to set key for each biped, and the ragdoll script + reactor will do the rest part. (GIF click HERE)

bunker and grenade: grenade is a simple geosphere. change your bunker object to convex mesh hull type, therefore, the grenade can go into the bunker.
(GIF click HERE)
bump into each: create two bipeds and load the same running motion capture files. Adjust the rotation and position of each biped. (GIF click HERE)

bip fan: create a wind object, set the speed value to very high (ie: 5000)
(GIF click HERE)

drag: create point-to-point constrain for two biped's hands. The male is the parent, female as child.
(GIF click HERE)

Swing: same concept as in "drag". The female is the parent, male as child. The motion of female is by key-framing.(GIF click HERE)

Shot: posing each biped like so, only the one to be shot are involved in simulation. The shooter's hand is by key-framing.(GIF click HERE)
balcony: the broken table is a simple box. After creation, convert to edit poly and use the slice tool to slice the table, and use "element" to detach each pieces of table. Select every pieces and apply a fracture collection.(GIF click HERE)
balloon01~04: create a hidden box. put a wind object beneath the box. create spline, the apply a normalize spline modifier to it. add a Reactor modifier and go the vertex level. select upper few (about 3) of the vertex and attach to the box object. select the lower vertex and attach to biped hand. Play around with gravity, wind speed and biped mass to get desired result.(GIF click HERE)(GIF click HERE)(GIF click HERE)(GIF click HERE)

Jump bar: after the biped touch the bar, add 2 point-to-point constrain to the bar and hands(GIF click HERE)
Run and kick: create two bipeds. One load a kick mocap file, another load a running mocap file. in the end of the motion capture key-frame, run simulation.(GIF click HERE)
car jump: run is by loading a running mocap file. Then the jump mocap file. Then the reactor ragdoll simulation. after the biped landing, charge back to a loading mocap file.(GIF click HERE)
suiside: same as jump building, set the col. tolerence to very low (0.2) for the box simulation work properly. (GIF click HERE)

Jump building: same concept as in scene explosion. Play around with gravity, mass...to get the desired result.(GIF click HERE)
Black hawk down: the motion of rope and biped are create separately (independent). First create the rope (spline+normalize spline+reactor rope). link the upper vertex to the helicopter. For the biped, posing the biped like so. First slide the biped down with same posture, then when the rope swing, start biped ragdoll simulation.(GIF click HERE)
Jump balance: same concept as in scene jump building. when the biped jump near the roof, delete all keyframe after the time point. And landing the pied by key framing: select the foots and add a fix key frame, then move center of mass by using body vertical tool.(GIF click HERE)
Stair fall: very simple. create the biped like so and run simulation. Play around the mass, ie: set the right hand mass to 10 unit.
parachute: the hardest scene in in this tutorial. The parachute motion and the biped + rope motion are create separately (independent). Two segments of the parachute motion, in air the motion is by applying a noise modifier, after landing, use the reactor cloth simulating. For the rope and biped, same concept as in balloon scene.(GIF click HERE)

Motion Capture Pack 1 (16 bip files)

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Anonymous said...

I have some problems tunning a complex Character Studio + Ragdoll + Reactor scene for forensic animation.
May I Upload somewhere part of it to check it here please?
Fernando Ferro

hammerbchen said...

Yes, you can give me the links (to the scene files) or e-mail me.

Anonymous said...

Hi, im learning animation in 3ds max and this tutorial is very useful. Thank you very much.

hammerbchen said...

To valentino:

You're welcome!

Vasil Valchev said...

nice, ty :)

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Great work, glad someone is happy to help us new users on 3DS Max :)

Anonymous said...

Brilliant tutorials thanks. I have one problem I can't quite figure out..I'm using a bip file to create the running motion, then have the biped hit by something and set reactor to do the simulation one key frame before the end of the bipeds run. But when I run the simulation reactor never creates the simulation of the biped falling after the end of the bip, and only creates one key frame further on and the biped just stays in its last postion? Any ideas? thanks Geoff

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

i only found rctRagdollScript.ms in web, is it a later version called rctragdollscript_xpanded.ms ? could u share?

i just find this web, it's useful : )

hammerbchen said...

Dear Mimer:

my E-mail:


i will send you the script now