[tutor][video]Crowd simulation (biped) with AI implant

In this advanced video tutorial you will learn baking animation of a CS biped, create block controller to it and create crowd simulation with AI implant v2.0 plugin. Please note this is not for very beginner and only for those have experiment with character studio and block controller. You need Bake maxscript to when performing the effect. Please watch my previous tutorial for the Bake.

This is the outline for this tutorial:
1.Create biped mesh from CS
2.Baking animation
3.Create block controller
4.Create AI character
5.Set behavior
6.Duplicate characters
7.Prepare for rendering

Video tutorial (Running time: 40mins, splitted into two parts)


Anonymous said...

Where is ai implant 2? I only can find 5. Is it free?

Dream Writer said...

Ask your local vender