[tutor][video]Baking animation with Bake maxscript

In this short video tutorial I introduce a simple but important technique---Baking animation. I use a 3ds max maxscript called "Bake" written by John Burnett. Bake animation information to your mesh object in very useful for game engine or complex scene like crowd scene. Just like baking texture, what baking animation can do is to bake all the hierarchy animation or linked animation, procedual animation (ie: noise) into level of vertex or xyz transformations.

This is the interface of Bake (maxscript). After installation, you can find this maxscript from Customize User Interface/MainUI/BFDtools. Note you need jbFunctions to run this script.

Video tutorial (Ruuning time about 7 mins)
or click HERE to watch

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There are two more script can do baking animation: meshoven and Procedual Motion Baker. After installation, you can found them in Bob_s Tools or maxTD Tools.

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