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Hi all

Thanks you for supposting CG Taiwaner. This blog have more than 75000 visitors since July 27, 2006. The numbers are still growing.
大家好! 感謝您持續支持本站. 這個部落格自去年7月以來吸引了超過7萬5千人訪客.

In order to provide you with more advanced video tutorials. I made this poll. Please select the must one video tutorial you wish me to make in the future. I will definitely take the poll results into consideration. Thank you!
為了提供更好的服務 我決定發起投票 請選一個你最想要的教學. 我會將投票結果納入考慮. 感謝!

Here are the choises:
1. Making of Junichiro Koizumi with Shusaku and Vidiator Facestation

2. Making of 12 different hair styles for female/male with Hair&Fur in 3ds max 7
以Hair&Fur 製作男女12種不同的髮型

3. Flood scene by using RealFlow

4. Making of complex crowd scene (battle) by using AI Implant plugin
用AI Implant製作複雜的戰爭場景(群體動畫)

5. Create realistic explosion with FumeFX

6. Polygon modeling a car

Please note that you have only one chance to poll.
注意! 一個人只能投一次票

在3dsmax 9當中製作三種女性短髮hair

用3dsmax 9製作奔跑的臘腸狗dog

Making of PHS J98 mobile phone (NURBS)

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