[video][tutor]NURBS modeling a PET bottle

This video tutors demo you how to model PET bottle,advaned NURBS modeling. Please note you need npower Power NURBS plugin to make this model.

npower website click HERE

Description of this tutor:
In this video tutor I combine NURBS fuction in 3ds max and use the npower power NURBS plugin to perform some task during modeling this PET bottle. I take advange of the "Xcurve" function in power NURBS to make the wave pattern of this bottle. For the bottom of this bottle, I use the powerbollean to cut out the shape and fillet the it.

It seems that npower power NURBS has bug, so I am stick with default NURBS in 3ds max, until some task can not be done by default NURBS.

Tips: the cut out the shape of wave pattern, better check the "cap" fuction after you revolve the cure for the middle part of the bottle.

Video tutorial (total 54mins, split into 3 videos)



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