[tutor][video]Kienzan! Dragonball-like effect part 2

Tutorial result:

Hi all:

I made this video tutorial to mimic the Kienzan(気円斬)---special ability of Kuririn (クリリンの必殺技) in Drgaonball manga. This tutorial is very easy, good for beginner and interesting.

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Video tutorial (total 18mins long, split into two videos)
video 01
video 02

Brief description about this tutorial:

First posing the character to a desired pose. Create several simple objects. Convert those objects to editable poly and use slice tool to slice them. After you slice the object, detach into two pieces. Apply each pieces a cap holes modifier. Run reactor simulation of each object (one at one time). For the Razor (Kienzan), it is a simple sphere and use path constraint to make a moving Razor.

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China officals grabbed Taiwan's flag during ICG

(Dragonball, Kienzan and Kuririn belong to their company, if they don't want me to do this, I will remove this page right away)

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