[tutor][video]Air explosion with Afterburn in 3dsmax 9

Tutorial result:

In this quick and concise video tutorial, I am going to demo you how to create realistic air explosion with Sitni Sati Afterburn 3.2. We are going to set up a simple particle system by using Superspray, adding gravity and wind forces to it. Finally, add Afterburn volumetric shader to the particle to give smoking looking.

Scene setup:
One Superspay particle. One omni light. One gravity force to bend the particle trajectory. One wind effect to give turbulence effect on particle. Both forces will enhance the realism of air explosion.

Software: All create and rendering in Autodesk 3dsmax 9 plus Sitni Sati Afterburn 3.2 plug-in. After rendering, I did some video post by using SONY Vegas and adding sound effects from Sound Ideas.

Video tutorials (Running time 17mins)
Low resolution (320x240)

High resolution (720x480)

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How did you get afterburb3.2 to work with 3ds max 9? when i try to install it i only have 7.x as the highest version

hammerbchen said...

I think you should upgrade your Afterburn plugin