[tutor][video]Building demolition in 3ds max 7

In this video you will learn how to (1) convert building mesh to particles with Cebas Thinkingparticles (2)create dust and smoke with Superspray plus Sitni Sati AfterBurn 3.0 (3)Create debris with Particle Flow. You need: 3ds max 7, Cebas Thinkingparticles, AfterBurn plugins to make this effect.

Scene setup:One simple building (create by boolean union several boxs), one plane. One gravity, two deflectors (with different bounce strength) and one wind force.Particles: One thingkingparticles (building fractures), one superspray for dust, one superspray for smoke. One particle flow for debris.Environment: two AfternBurn effect for each superspay particles.Lighting: One skylight for 3ds max advanced lighting, one target spot light for the AfterBurn effect.

Video tutorial (Running time: 63 mins, split into 2 videos)

video 01

video 02

Parameter for Thinkingparticles:

Parameters for Superspray

Parameter for Particle Flow:
-The Cebas Thinkingparticles should do the debris (particle spawn) but I dont know how to do it right now, so I use Particle Flow to do it.
-Cebas Finalrender stage-1 is not compatabile with AfterBurn, so I use 3ds max default renderer.

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