[tutor][video]making a broken window without using a plugin

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Although in Maya, there are commerical plugin like Blast Code, can make realistic windows cracks, however the Blast Code plugin don't have max version. In this video tutorial I demo you how to use a photo of broken window, convert this bipmap to raster file (in AI format) and import this raster file in 3ds max. Base on the raster file (Adobe illustrator, *.ai) model a broken window.

Video tutorial (28mins long)

Breif description:
First use: cracks, broken windows plus bullet to search images for this tutorial. You can find some useful images on istockphoto. I use the Adobe Streamline 4.0 software to convert a bipmap to raster format. If you don't have Streamline, try google by using "Bitmap to Vector" search for freeware. After you download an bitmap image of broken windows, edit it in photoshop make it suitable for conversion.

In 3ds max imoprt the raster file (*.ai) of your broken windows, using xform to scale it up and apply a extrude modifier. Convert to editmesh, in editable mesh, select all element and explode (set the angle to 180). Select all objects and apply a Reactor...I skip this part, plz read my other tutor on this site.

Finally, apply a gradient map(set to radial tye) to oppacity slot. By animating the color #2 and color #3, you can faking a growing cracks of the window.

To make it more real, add an Superspray particle, adding debris for the breaking glasses.

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