[tutor][video]Create three hairstyles in 3dsmax 9

Tutorial results:

In this quickstart video tutorial you will learn to create there different hairstyles for girls in 3ds max 9. By applying "Hair and Fur" modifier to your scalp meshes; you will stylize the hairs for your model in 3ds max virtual world. No third-party plugins required.

1. extract mesh from head model for the scalp
2. apply "hair and fur" modifier to the scalp mesh
3. Hairstyle/ scale up the hair
4. recomb the hair
5. Use the dynamics simulation to make the hair looks more natural
6. Translate(comb) the hair
6. Cut hair if the hair is too long

Video tutorial (Running time: 35 mins, split into two parts)
Part 1

Part 2
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Anonymous said...


That's gonna be great if you can create a pipeline beetween 3ds max and endorphin with exemple

Kenny said...

Dear hammerbchen:
I am Kenny(Id:gattaca) and nice to meet you!this's really cool tutorial !^^


Anonymous said...

Yes, good idea for endorphin and 3ds tutorial, that's gonna be great

Anonymous said...

What abut a facial studio tutorial?