[tutor][video]Making of Ferrero Rocher (chocolate) 金莎巧克力

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Ferrero Rocher
is very famous chocolate. In this video tutorial you will learn how to model Ferrero Rocher with default 3ds max NURBS function, no plugin required. For the tinfoil, I use reactor cloth to simulate it. After modeling, I render with Finalrender Stage-1 and set a HDRI in the background. For the tinfoil material, I learn from a tutorial on Xenomorphic.co.uk website and modify the material color.
The Ferrero Rocher is product of their company, if the company don't want me to make this tutorial I will remove right away.
Video tutorial (Total running time: 59 mins, split into 3 files)



Material and lighting:
I use finalrender as renderer. Their is no light in this scene, I only set a HDRI in skylight and in background.

material for package

material for tinfoil:
please check the Xenomorphic.co.uk for more detail.
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