[tutor][video]Making of modern tap (NURBS)

In free video tutorial you will learn how to model a modern tap, advaned NURBS modeling. After modeling, you will learn how to make material for the tap by using Cebas finalrender metal material and render with HDRI lighting. Please note you need npower Power NURBS plugin to make this model.

Video tutorial (running time:59mins, split into 3 videos)




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The Pinkel's said...

Hello, my name is Eric Pinkel and I am the designer of Power NURBS. We very much like your Making of a Modern tap video and would like to speak with you about posting a full resolution video version directly on our website. If your interested please contact me at

Thanks and great job on the Vid.


Anonymous said...

Hello Dear hammerbchen, my name is Timur. I very like your videos about nurbs modelling, but i cant see it because it's very low resolution.
All your videos impossible to view. Where i can view "Faking bath foam with displacement map" with high resolution? It is very very help for my work. Help if you can please. For example on vimeo.com you can upload video in normal resolution. Ok, thank you.
My email viruswich@mail.ru just in case. Thank you.