[tutor][video]Sparkler writing in 3ds max with Trail 3.0

[link]China officals grabbed Taiwan's flag during ICG (video)

This video tutor I demo you how to make sparkler writing in 3ds max with Particle Flow with Trail 3.0 plugin. Some video post in Photoshop.

To download Trail 3.0 plaease click HERE (for 3ds max 7) or go to MAX plugins.de to search for Trail. This plugin is create by Pavel Kuznetsov, more information on his hompage.
To make handwriting in 3ds max eazyier, you can download FreeHand Spline 1.5 maxscript on Scriptspot website.

For images reference, you can go to Flickr or istockphoto. (keyword: sparkler writing, sparks, sparkers...etc.)

Video tutorial (total 53mins long, split into two videos)

Parameter settings

Particle Flow

Trail 3.0

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