Split geometry like a professional

Hammer Chen

Nowadays, almost everyone can split their 3D model with just one single button. From free maxscript "Splititup" to Rayfire. Even though Rayfire provide you option to cut geometry in radial, the results are still not realistic.

Fore realistic fracture, you must have:

  1. Focal point: the one near impact point have to be higher density (smaller debris) than the one far a way.
  2. the cracks not always go in straight line
  3. Section from fracture should not be smooth.
Here are my tips. The basic concept is first cut my geometry with Rayfire, then cut with thinkingParticles.

1. Split geometry with Rayfire (ProBoolean Uniform), mat ID = 2. Notice the cracks are not straight line after split with ProBoolean Uniform.

2. Select some parts from step one, then cut with thinkingParticles. You can find detail tutorial HERE.

Input parts into thinkingParticles

those particles are used for focal splitting (volumeBreak, cells)

Make sure the Mat ID = 2

The blue parts are cut with thinkingParticles volumeBreak node

3. After split our 3D model with Rayfire plus thinkingParticles, we get this fracture model.

 Section with different Mat ID and correct UVW

With different Mat ID, you are able to give different material to surface and section for the geometry

4. After apply dynamic simulation, I got this final results. Hope you like it ;)

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