Videotutorial: Making a realistic male head in 3ds max 9

Tutorial results:

In this video tutorial we're going to use several tools to create a realistic human head with subsurface scattering skin material plus hair. We will try to make a digital version of CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) captain Jim Brass as an example. We will use free photomatching software---LOOXIS Faceworx 1.0 to quickly generate a base head model. Then, import model in Autodesk Mudbox 1.0, and start digital sculpting details, generate normal map. In 3ds max, we import the base model and apply normal map and other maps needed to create realistic skin material. We will use Cebas Finalshader skin material to set it up. The hair are generate with hairtrix plugin. Finally, color correction with SONY Vegas software.

Softwares you need in this project:
1. Autodesk 3ds max 9
2. Hairtrix plugin (optional)
3. Cebas Finalrender, Finalshader
4. SONY Vegas (optional)
5. Mudbox 1.0
6. Right Hemisphere Deep UV 1.0
7. In_tool Detriangulator maxscript written by In_human (click HERE to download)
8. Faceworx 1.0 (click HERE to download)

Simplified workflow.

Sketchs of Jim Brass

Maps for realistic human skin material: surface diffuse, absorption, normap map, specular map and refraction map.

Photos of CSI captain Jim Brass: front view and side view. Those images will be use for photomatching in Faceworx 1.0.

Screenshot of Faceworx, a freeware that can generate 3D head model from photos.

Screenshot of Autodesk Mudbox 1.0. You can literally digital sculpting your head model with Mudbox.

Detail protocol:
1. Collect reference images
2. Quick sketch
3. Create base head model with Faceworx
4. Detrianglation of head model with maxscript in 3ds max
5. Digital sculpt in Mudbox, export model and normal map
6. Load model and normap map in 3ds max 9
7. Create diffuse, blood, transpancy, specular map with Photoshop
8. Set up skin material in 3ds max
9. Set up lighting and Finalrender
10. Create scalp mesh from haed model
11. Unwrap UV with DeepUV
12. Create hair with Hairtrix
13. Set up lighting for hair
14. Color correction in Sony Vegas

Video tutorials (Total running time: 1 hour and 25 mins)




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