Videotutorial: Making of Bullet hits an egg in 3ds max 7

Tutorial results:

In this video tutorial I create a pre-cracked egg by taking advantage of Delaunay triangulation, then convert those fragments into particle with Bobo's maxscript, creating exploion of egg shell with Particle Flow. The egg fluid was create by using Glu3D plugin. Finally apply Cebas Finalshader Wet material to egg yolk, and render with Cebas Finalrender.

Things you will need:
1. An egg. Go buy an egg for good reference images. See how egg cracks. You can also find some great reference images from Flickr.

2. 3ds max 7 or higher

3. Cgray Random Wire Color maxscript created by Chris Gray. Click HERE to download. This will help you to randomly assign wireframe color to your egg shell fragments.

4. Bobo’s maxscript. Very simple maxscript you could just make a copy from his website.
Note: Please note you should rename the Box in string of "global ChunksArray = $Box* as array" if your geometry debris has other name than box. For example, you have Object01, Object02...etc, your modified should looks like so "global ChunksArray = $Object* as array"

5. 3D Aliens Glu3D plugin. We use this plugin to create fluid mesh. The PWrapper in Glu3D is essential the same function as 3dsmax's Blobmesh, but with more optimize performance.

6. Cebas Finarender (optional).

7. Cebas Finashaders (optional). I apply Finalrender Wet material (fR-Wet)to my egg yolk.

Delaunay triangulation give a simple sphere a randomly subdivision looking. With "Random Wire Color maxscript" you will get a random color egg shell image above.

A final layout of my Particle Flow.

1. Create a pre-shattered egg shell. Start with a simple NURBS sphere and set its subdivision type to Delaunay triangulation. Convert to poly and detach the mesh into pieces (match the shape of reference images).
2. Convert those chunks (or egg shell fragments) into particle by using Bobo's maxscript.
3. Create egg sharttered animation with Particle Flow.
4. Create egg fluid with Glu3D PWrapper.
5. Assign Finalrender materials to all parts.

Video Tutorials (Running time: 40 mins):
Part 1
320x240 (low-res)
720x480 (high-res)

Part 2
320x240 (low-res)
720x480 (high-res)

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Is he shooting this bullet with a musket ? Jesus i mean seriously the cartridge is still attached to the bullet tip.also the yolk is gushing out of the egg at the same speed as the bullet hmmmmm....

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i could pound my cock through that egg faster than that bullet

hammerbchen said...

Yes, with your needle size cock. lol

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