Create implicit surfaces with VrayIso in 3dsmax 9

Implicit surfaces is surfaces which are contours (isosurfaces) through somescalar field in 3D.---Paul Bourke.

With VrayIso plugin, we can now create implicit surfaces without knowing complex mathematics formulas. Thanks to Dieter Morgenroth who create the VrayIso plugin, we can turn simple geometry (top) into complex solid object (bottom) with ease. (Please note this plugin only works when render with Vray renderer)

Unlike displacement or bump map, which only adding detail on the surface, the Vrayiso can generate complex geometry deep into the object, creating a solid complex one. This kind of model can not be create with traditional modeling methods like NURBS, polygonal modeling...etc.

You can download the least version of VrayIso plugin from dimo's developer Site. The rar package contains a short video tutorial demo. After copy the plugin to your 3ds max vrayplugin folder, start your 3dsmax. In the Create penal---Vray category, you can see the VrayIso object icon.

Create a Vrayiso object anywhere in the scene, and go to the modifier panel. Create any geometry (ie: a sphere), add the sphere as your base geometry. Apply any procedural map in the "3D texture" (ie: Electric)

To see your implicit surfaces when rendering, remember to uncheck "Rederable" option for your base geometry (ie: the sphere).

With diferent procedural map apply (ie: Cellular, Electric, dent and Smoke), you can generate a verity of geometries from just one simple sphere. Vrayiso is good for create objects like coral, beer foam, sponge, rock or even cookie. Have fun and say thank Dieter Morgenroth again!

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MaGazona said...

hellow , i have a problem my vrayiso plugin does not render with vray , it renders only with scanline renderer ,is that something abnormal or am i doing something wrong here ?? thanks