[tutor][video]Crowd simulation: Shit and Maggots

Tutorial results:

Beacuse animate a worm (maggot) is easy (compare with ants...etc), in this video turorial I use maggots to demostrate how to use animation states to control the animation clips of the maggots. This is a intermediate video tutorial about crowd simulation in 3ds max character studio. The maggot basically has two states (a)moving state (b)static, not moving state. We set the maggots switch those states by monitoring the its moving speed. I f the speed is faster than 2 run state (a); if the speed is less than 1 run state (b). All animation create in 3ds max 7, no thirld-party plugins are required.

Video tutorials (Ruuning time: 34mins, split into 2 parts)
video 01

Video 02

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