[tutor][video]Making of Lee Teng-hui 前總統李登輝

Animated head please click HERE (GIF).
Mr. Lee is one of the greatest statsman in Taiwan. He is the former president and lead Taiwan through 1996 China missile crisis. In this video tutor you will learn model his head by using Facegen Modeller 3.1. Then, import the model in 3ds max, create realistic skin material for Mr. Lee with Finalrender skin material. Finally, you will learn how to create hair for Mr. Lee by using Hair&Fur function in 3ds max 7.5.

Video tutorial (Running time: 53min, split into three videos)


Material detail:
I use the Finalrender skin material to make skin for Mr. Lee. I modified the diffuse map exported from Facegen and make specular map, bump map and blood map for the skin.

Hair and Fur detail:
I use default hair function within 3ds max 7.5 to make hair of Mr. Lee.

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[tutor][video]Making of Strawberry Cake 草莓蛋糕

GIF click here

Continue the cheese cake making tutorial. I modify the cheese cake I made and put a strawberry on the top. I also put cream on the top. No plugin is required to make this model. After modeling, I render the scene with Finalrender.

For the strawberry material, please click this page or click HERE to download strawberry material. The modeling of cream is start from a simple cylinder, apply editpoly, FFD3X3X3, Twist and melt modifier.

Video tutorial (Running time: 12mins 33secs )

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[tutor][video]Making of Cheese Cake 起司蛋糕

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In this video tutorial you will learn how to model a cheese cake with default 3ds max modeling tool, no plugin required. For the tinfoil, I use reactor cloth to simulate it. After modeling, I render with Finalrender Stage-1 and set a HDRI in the background. For the tinfoil material, I learn from a tutorial on Xenomorphic.co.uk website and modify the material color. The wet-looking cake was made by using Finalrender Wet material.

Video tutorial (Running time: 1h 8mins, split intro 3 videos)


I use Finalrender as my renderer plus finalshader, I use Fr-glass as material for plastic. Fr-Wet for cake.

Plastic clear

Cake topping

Cake bottom