[resource]Procedural strawberry material for 3ds max草莓材質

I found a very useful material ---strawberry on vray-materials website. The auther is capp from visual-distractions. However, this material is only for Vray renderer.
So I modify the material make it compatible with default 3ds max 8 renderer and make it more effecient (by removing the refraction function within the original).
Download link:
How to use it:
1. Download from esnip
2. Unzip
3. Start 3ds max 8
3. Create a sphere with enough segements, apply a UVW map modifier if you like, set type to sphere)
4. In material editor, open up the file you download (strawberry_material_3dsmax8.mat)
5. Apply the material to the sphere.
Tip: (a) play around the Noise amount within Mask channel will create different effect. (b) change tile number will change the strawberry looking
(This material is for 3ds max 8, not for previous version)


Unknown said...

nice idea to make it compatible with the scanline renderer, but this one dont looks useful anymore ;-) First you have to know how to make a good looking uvw-map to avoid stretching and by the way : the verdant and mellow parts are not ordered correcly.
I would rework the scanline version ;-)


hammerbchen said...

Hi Capp:

Thank you.