Burning box - thinkingParticles and FumeFX

Hammer Chen

This tutorial I am going to show you how to create a burning box procedurally with tP and FumeFX. The final effect seems complex but actual setup are quiet simple. I assume you have basic knowledge of FumeFX and thinkingPartciles in order to follow this tutorial.

1. Basic setup: You have one key-framed Omani light (with falloff), two box, one FumeFX grid.

2. Create groups as this: SC/ frag and box groups.

3.  Use Obj.To Particle to feed in your box geometry into tP

4. The box group are now feed into Fragment op, which turn our box into pieces.

Fragment op: We use Omini01 to control which reign of box start to tear apart.

And those are parameter for it's "Velocity", "Bubble Motion" and "Scale"

5. We use SC to make it collision between fragments.

Now the effects start to taking shape... :)

7. Check "Groups as Objects" in your tP. We will use this feature later on for FumeFX.

8. For better performance, click on Master Dynamic and right-click "Cache Record".

9. In FFX Object helper (you need to create one in your scene), select "frag" group from your tP.

10. Pick up that FFX Object helper in your FumeFX grid UI.

11.  This my is setup for FumeFX.

12. Final results!

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