Building demolition: volumebreaker and Thinkingparticles integration videotutorial

In this 18 mins video tutorial, I am going to demonstrate how to create a realistic building demolition in 3ds max 2011, with help of Volumebreaker and ThinkingParticles plugins.

Tutorial results:

Before you start break your 3d building into pieces, make sure the mesh is a solid model. Add STL modifier to see if there is any error.

The density of fragments of building could be located relatively to impact point. Move pivot of your 3D building then apply Volumebreaker.

In this scene, we only need two groups in Thinkingparticles: ball and frag.

For the Dynamic set, we need SC node for the collision detection between fragments, and a force point downward as gravity. The time interval operator was used here to control when to activate the force.

Once you satisfy the simulation results, use Export operator to bake the animation. Delete TP and rendering with mentalray.

Video tutorial:

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