Making of Fire Tornado with FumeFX in 3dsmax

Tutorial results:

In this quick video tutorial, we will create a fire tornado with Fumefx 2.0 in 3ds max 2011. The fire generate by Fumefx will be stir by Vortex force and the force is visualized by Forceviewer plugin (Click HERE to download).

Scene setup:
A vortex force put at top of the FumeFX grid. The Forceviewer is a free plugin can help us to visualized Vortex force. Two geospheres can make the fire more curly.

Parameters for the Vortex. With help of Force Viewer, you know what direction & strength generate by the Vortex. This will influence how the fire acting like a tornado. You can try those highlighted parameters.

ForceViewer: pick up the Vortex to visualize the force. The the X, Y, Z resolution as the image above.

FumeFX simulation: set those highlighted parameters.

FumeFX rendering: uncheck the Smoke and set Fire Gradient, color, Opacity as image above.

FumeFX obj/src: add Vortex001, FFX Simple Src and Geosphere.

Video tutorial (running time: 14 mins)
click HERE

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