Making of Twister with PhoenixFD in 3ds max

In this video tutorial I am going to demonstrate creating a twister with PhoenixFD in 3ds max 2011. This continue my PhoenixFD series, will be focus on the spiral gravity force. If you find this tutorial too hard, please read my previous PhoenixFD tutorial.

Tutorial results:

To follow this tutorial, you need two free plugins: footools Forceviewer and Peter Waje SpiralGravity.

fooTOOLS's Forceviewer help us to visualize the SpiralGravity.

SpiralGravity: Adjust the Inward Str, Downward Str and Angle Str, our goal is to make the force focus to inner and upper direction. This will simulate force like a twister.

Uncheck "Std Gravity" since Spiral Gravity is the only force influence our smoke.

Set Sampler type to Truc, this will render every voxel of PhoenixFD without blurring them.

Change simple color to gray.

Video tutorial (running time 18mins) :

[more tutorial]


james said...

Force viewera沒有支援到max2012.是否有類似的plugins for max2012的呢?謝謝

hammerbchen said...

To James

Forceviewer目前沒有支援到max 2012, 在max 2012好像也沒有類似的plugin. 畢竟我也還沒在max 2012的環境下工作過.

Anonymous said...

Peter Waje SpiralGravity這個外掛似乎下載不到了