[tutor][video]Making of canvas shoe (NURBS)

This video tutorial you will learn how to model a canvas shoe, intermediate NURBS modeling. Please note you need npower Power NURBS plugin to make this model. After modeling with NURBS method, I convert it to mesh and apply finalrender material to it and render with HDRI background/lighting.
Video tutorial (Running time: 1h 33mins, split into 4 videos)
Material and lighting:
I use Finalrender stage-1 as my renderer. All material use Finalrender advanced material. For the lighting, I use a Finalrender rectangle light, and set a HDRI in the sky light, also I copy the HDRI to the background.
Material for the ground

Material for the blue canvas

Material for the inner part of the shoe

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太好了,真是令偶受益良多,原來鞋帶是做一條,再去複製調整,這招學起來 ~ ~

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Thank you very much for this. I need to Learn how to use NURBS. Ypur a master