IoMelt melting tutorial

IoMelt is a RealFlow plugin written by Ole Lemming, you can use it to create realistic melting effect. IoMelt works like the Filter Daemon in Realflow, it can transfer fill object emitter to container emitter, base on temperature. Because the effect is based on temperature, it dissolve fill object from its edge, can create realistic melting effect. This tutorial assume you have basic knowledge about Realflow.

Tutorial Results:

The concept: 
In the begining, all the fluid store in Fill Object, through IoMelt, depends on temperature, fluid transfer from Fill Object to an empty Container. And we can set Gravity and Drag daemon act exclusively on the Container.

You can view it like Particle Flow, the Event 1 is "Fill Object", through IoMelt particles transfer to Event 2 "Container", all force act exclusively on container.

Basic Setup:

1. Select cross object as Fill Object Source (fill up cross with fluid), check fill volume "YES"

2. IoMelt: select "Container" as Target Emitter. Check Transfer to Emitter to "YES". Set temperature as the screenshot.

3. Use Exclusive Links: the Gravity Daemon act exclusively on Container. Remove Cross from Global links

4. Change Container Min Range Color to orange so you see the transfer effect more obviously!

5. Results

Advanced Setup:
1. Add Drag daemon for more realistic movement. Add K_volume to remove excessive particles flying out of sight.

2. IoMelt: select Null object for "Ambient Scale Object". Note the "Ambient Effect" and "Ambient Neighbour Effect" are not keyable.
Name of NULL object that can be used for keyframing the Ambient parameters, by assigning the
following links:
Scale X : Scales the Ambient Temperature
Scale Y : Scales the Ambient Effect
Scale Z : Scales the Ambient NeighBour Limit

By keying the Null object's scale, you can animate "Ambient Temperature", "Ambient Effect", "Ambient NeighBour Limit" those parameters.

Parameter references:

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