Tutorial: tearing cloth in 3ds max 2011

In this quick and concise video tutorial I will show you some of tips & tricks when creating realistic tearing cloth in 3ds max 2011. This is for advanced user, no plugin required but to tweak for better results, we will use SuperMesher (optional) in this video.

You might find 3ds max 2011's Garment Maker unstable, convert plane to NURBS, and use delauay approximation to avoid that problem.

To optimized simulation performance, we model the cloth with adaptive resolution (with help of HSDS modifier).

The tearing effect was enhanced if you paint the tearing group in parallel (vertical) stripes. The strength controls how vertex will stick together.

Supermesher help us to catch cloth animation, not only increase playback performance, but we could add more modifier (FFD, noise...etc) on top of it. Click HERE to the product page of Supermesher.

When cloth were ripped, since some verties are break which will break polygon's smooth group. We could add Welder modifier to fix this problem. Add turbosmooth or shell modifier to increase resolution of your final results.

Video tutorial (watch in 1080P resolution and fullscreen mode you should see button labels clearly) :

watch in Vimeo click HERE

I hope you find this video useful. ; )

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