Procedural rock modeling and texturing in 3ds max

This tutorial was inspired by Sascha Henrichs from his blog. In this videotutor, we're going to create a rock in procedural way. We will take advantage of displace modifier to shape our model. And Darktree shader will be our rock texture solution. Here is my recipe:

  1. Crete a simple box with 5x5x5 divisions
  2. Apply a spherify modifier
  3. Apply a Turbosmoth modifier with 5 iteration
  4. Add a displace modifier, set map type to sphere, and cellular for the map. Change map size/displace strength
  5. Add another displace, this time use Noise map to add subtle detail of our rock
  6. Add Melt modifier
  7. use Darktree Simbiont procedural map for our rock model. That's it.
download Simbiont for 3ds max click HERE

Stone shaders library click HERE

Watch video tutorial on Youtube click HERE

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