[tutor][video]Making of Taiwan Bell Fruit 台灣蓮霧

Animated result:

In Taiwan, we have many many different kinds of fruits: guava, banana, mangos and bell fruit...etc. Bell fruit is also called Lan-Bu (蓮霧) in Taiwan language. Click here to see photos of Taiwan's bell fruit. I like to eat bell fruit very much.

In this video tutorial, we will use 3Dsom Pro as our modeling tool to make model and texture of bell fruit. The 3Dsom Pro is a very good image-based modeling software, you can request your free trial copy from the offical site.

So, what is image-based modeling software? Basically, you take a few pictures of your target object and input those photos into that software, the software will by either automatic generate mesh and texturing or semi-automatically generate model for your target object. Software like Realviz imagemodeller is an expamle of semi-automative image-based software. And the Strata Foto 3D or 3Dsom Pro are the fully automatic image-based modeling software.

To me, if a image-based software require manual tweak and not so automatic, the software is bad because it will be faster the create model from scratch instead of using the so-called image-based.

After generate mesh and texturing in 3dsom, we will export it into 3ds file format. Start 3ds max, and import the file and apply the Finalrender Wet material and set three point lights by using BlurScripts.

Video tutorial (Running time: 10min)

Lights setup and material:


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