Tutorial: random movement in thinkingParticles

Sometime we need to add some variation to our particles, however the standard Wind spacewrap is not very directable/controllable. Here I demonstrate three methods to add subtle movement to your particle. 1)using Blurbeta's random walk spacewrap 2)using A-bomb operator in tP 3) using Bubble Motion operator in tP

And finally, we combine those methods to create more complex particle motion. Have fun ; )

particle connected to three different forces. Turn on each of them to see the differences
Without any forces, particles look like this
With StdForce turn on (Blurbeta's random walk)
With A-bomb turn on
With Bubble Motion turn on


lin0603 said...

Hi Chen.It's a great tutorial.but i got a problem when i try to install Blurbeta's random walk spacewrap.i've downloaded it from www.maxplugins.de and tried to install it to my max 2012.but it's fail.Could you help me out? thanks

hammerbchen said...

email me, then I'll email the plugin to you.