Create a cityscape with Autodesk 3ds max 2010

This tutorial was inspired by grassynoel, he posted some interesting images on mattepainting.org. In this videotutorial we are going to create a cityscape with Autodesk 3ds max 2010, no plugins are required. Basically, we take advantage the "Make quadrilaterals" option within ProBoolean. The quadrilaterial function help us to cut mesh into blocks where we can use them to grow builings. After mesh were cut into blocks, we detach meshs into two group: one with hinged roof and another with plain roof. The hinged roof was create by select two edges and connect them and move the edge up. Plain roof was done by two steps simple extrusion.

For random selection, I use Graphite Modeling's random face selection function. To randomly extrude the selected polygon (to fake building with different hight), we use PolyRndExtrude maxscript (from www.difference-engine.info). To paint lowpoly car over ground, we use Advanced Painter maxscript ( create by Herman Saksono). Both scripts were optional, you can do that by manually.

Personally I think this tutorial is only for inspiration for realistic textures have not apply to the buildings. I hope you found this tutorial useful and make it even better, maybe with help of scripting = )

Video tutorial without audio (total running time about 6 mins, timelapse)
Low resolution 320x340 ( with subtitles !!! )

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