[tutor][video]Palm tree island production solutions

In this video tutorial we are going to create an island----an island with palm trees. Here I provide two production solutions:

Solution 1

By using E-on software Vue 6 to crate island, palm trees and see. Render in Vue 6.

video tutorial (Running time 9 mins)
-->320x240 on Youtube
-->720x480 on Blip tv

Solution 2

Using SitniSati Dreamscape 2.0 to create sea surface and flying clounds, adding palm trees to your island by using IDV Speedtree 3.0 . All render in 3ds max 7 with default renderer.

video tutorial (Running time 12 mins)
-->320x240 on Youtube
-->720x480 on Blip tv

Tutorial results:

Comparison of two solutions:

Overall, using E-on software Vue 6 will create more realistic island animation. But the solution 2 is much better when integration with 3ds max. Please note that Cebas Finalrender is not fully compatible with Speedtree 3. And the Dreamscape can create 3D clouds (not just a flat clouds) but will increase rendering time a lot.

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