Creating a collapsing Bridge with Particle Flow in 3ds max 9

In this video tutorial we're going to create a collapsing bridge with Particle Flow in 3ds max 9. Remains of Longteng Bridge (龍藤斷橋) is a very famous scenic spot in Taiwan. Longteng Bridge was made in 1905 during Japanese Era (日本時代) in Taiwan. Because of earthquake, the Bridge collapsed and became those remains you see today . In this video tutorial, we're going to recreate the collapsing process. First, we will create a simple bridge model, and cut this geometry into pieces with SplitItup maxscript , and then convert those pieces of geometry into Particles with Bobo's maxscript, finally we will use those particle to create a collapsing bridge animation.

Remains of Longteng Bridge photoed by Hammer Chen with Canon Powershot G9.

Tutorial result:

The files you will need:
1. Splititup maxscript was created by Rivendale, check out more detail in this CGTALK thread.
Direct download link click HERE.

Bobo's maxscript was created by Bobo, check out his website for more detail.
The script is a short text paragraph, you could just make a copy for your own from this page.
Please note you should rename the Box in string of "global ChunksArray = $Box* as array" if your geometry debris has other name than box. For example, you have Object01, Object02...etc, your modified should looks like so "global ChunksArray = $Object* as array"

1. Modeling of Bridge
2. Cut the bridge into pieces with Splititup maxscript
3. Convert those pieces into Particle with Bobo’s maxscript4. Create bridge demolition with Particle Flow

Video Tutorial (Running time 21 mins):
Low resolution (320x240)

High resolution (720x480)

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DuckHugh said...


hammerbchen said...

To 執行長

這篇的重點是擺在幾何體的切割與粒子系統的轉換 所以沒有在建模/材質上多加處理.

教學影片要儘量簡化/時間也不能太長 所以沒有把"製作的跟真的一樣"當作目標


Anonymous said...

把物體轉換成分子有更簡單的作法, 就是利用HaywoodTools中的Blow Chunks


hammerbchen said...

To Anonymous

謝謝 我現在來試試看!

DuckHugh said...


Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm following this tutorial step by step. When you enter in the PFlow menu and select "geometry" in «display» I see that it selects your bridge mesh, but when I select geometry it selects nothing.. why? Do I missed something? I made the same things as you...
If you can help me in this my e-mail is 3dmages@gmail.com
Thanks =)

hammerbchen said...

You have to delete default shape operator in PF, and most inportant of all, use birth operator to creat particle (with Bobo's script). Once you set the birth script right, when you set the display to geometry, the bridge geometry will show up!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm following the tvideo step by step. When I look this view,I can't understand. pleaes tell me why can't enter this view?

hammerbchen said...

To Wei En

What view? I don't understand. Please tell me more detail about your problem. Send me screenshot or scene file will help:

Anonymous said...


Very good job for your video.

I just have one question : can I incorporate this animation in another one? And how can I put materials on the exploded object?


hammerbchen said...

To k-you:

Please read 3ds max help document first, since those questions are pretty basic.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the questions.

That was just a bug in max. Just close it and open it again and everything was alright...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Nice tutorial but dont be so fucking nacionalist about japanese people. Think about what your people is doing in Tibet for example !