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攝影機對位技術(Matchmoving)是一特殊的科技 能夠讓虛擬的物體以正確的大小 角度 方位整合到實拍的影片當中, 使最終的合成影像

攝影機對位技術又被稱為Camera tracking或是 Camera matching. 在這個快速上手的教學影片裡 您將學習利用Boujou 4把二維的實拍影片轉換出虛擬的攝影機運動路徑. 然後輸出此路徑到3ds max 7進行實拍與電腦動畫的合成.

製作流程在Boujou 4當中

1. 輸入實拍影片
2. 加入 Target track
3. 執行track features

4. 執行camera solve (結果請參考上圖)
5. 選取數個點, 執行Scene geometry/add Plane constrain/Adjust solve
6. 選取數個點, 執行3D Tasks/Generate Mesh using 3d view
7. 選取數個點, 執行add test objects8. 輸出 Camera solve (為maxscript格式)
9. 輸出meshes

在3ds max 7當中
1. 執行maxscript
2. 輸入meshes
3. 設定背景為實拍影片
4. 選擇mesh 移動他的頂點
5. 建立燈光
6. 設定Matte材質

教學影片 (總長18分鐘)

低解析度版本(320X240) 請點這裡

高解析度版本(720X480) 請點這裡

做一個肉包子steamed bun

用blubber script製作胸部晃動breast bounce (熱門!)


[tutor][video]Matchmoving with Boujou 4 and composite in 3ds max 7

Tutorial results:

Matchmoving is a special effects technology to allow the insertion of virtual
objects into real footage with the correct position, scale, orientation and
motion in relation to the photographed objects in the scene.---
Matchmoving also known as "Camera tracking", "Camera matching". In this quickstart video tutorial you will learn how to create 3d camera track from 2d footage by using Boujou 4, then import in 3ds max creating a CGI-footage composite.

Work flow:

In Boujou 4

(1)import a video clip
(2)add Target track
(3)track features

(4)camera solve (see the picture above)
(5)select points, Scene geometry/add Plane constrain/Adjust solve
(6)select points, 3D Tasks/Generate Mesh using 3d view
(7)select points, add test objects
(8)Export camera solve to maxscript format
(9)Export Meshes

Video tutorial(Running time: 18mins)

320x240 on Youtube
click HERE

720X480 on blip tv
click HERE (New!)

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